Sustainability & Print-On-Demand

For the most part, we offer print- on- demand items.  This means that product is only made when/ if it is ordered.  This alone creates up to 80% less waste than the normal fashion cycle.  Print-to-order Activewear is printed on white stock, so that the areas not printed are recycled into new fabric, creating less waste, and keeping sizing more consistent in cuttings.  

Small Batch & Recycled PET

We do Small Batch Collections of Activewear that is printed on Recycled Polyester. 

Recycled polyester is produced by recycling existing materials (like plastic bottles and packaging) but still has all the characteristics and performance as a regular polyester, making it a more sustainable fabric alternative.   

Recycled polyester is made by crushing plastic products into small pieces. These small pieces are then processed into yarn, transformed into a fiber, and in the end—made into a fabric.

Producing rPet takes 33% to 53% less energy than creating polyester from scratch. Also, rPet produces approximately 54.6% fewer CO2 emissions to the air than virgin polyester
By using rPET,  we are insuring that at least some plastic doesn't end up in landfills or contaminating the waters for marine life.

ECO- friendly

You can also see numerous Streetwear options on our site that are labeled ECO.   These include Organic Cotton items and Fleece using Recycled Polyester.  

Organic cotton clothing is the result of farming that relies on organic fertilizers, like compost manure, and uses biological pest control. There are no synthetic substances or genetic modifications used during the production.



While there is no perfect solution to eco-friendly packaging, we keep our packaging as minimal and low-impact as we can. Your items are shipped in 100% recycled poly mailer or bio-degradable paper box.  Mailers can be reused or dropped off at most local food stores for recycling.  Cardboard boxes can be reused or put out for recycling pick up. (Check with your local ordinances for pick-up).  We have considered choosing biodegradable poly mailers, but have made the choice to stick with recycled-poly, because the reality is that most biodegradable mailers made from bioplastic end up in the garbage and then a landfill, and may never have the opportunity to properly biodegrade.