Organic cotton clothing is the result of farming that relies on organic fertilizers, like compost manure, and uses biological pest control. There are no synthetic substances or genetic modifications used during the production.

The import of cotton products also has to meet certain government regulations to ensure they are not produced using forced labor.

  • Step 1-A

    • Step 1 - Wrap the measuring tape firmly around your ribcage, just below your bust - basically where your band actually sits. Make sure the tape is horizontal and firm on your body, yet comfortable - Breath out! Enter this number as is, you can round to the nearest quarter inch - 30.25, 30.5, 30.75 as an example.
    • Step 1A - Same as the prior step, just breath in as deep as you can and record the measurement in the same way.
  • Step 2-A

    • Step 2 - Wrap the measuring tape firmly and snugly at your bust line (the fullest part of your chest), and around your back, under you arms while standing. Record the actual number.

    • Step 2A - Do the same measuring but while bent over to allow your breasts to hang, make sure you do a firm measurement for accuracy.