Sustainable Design

Creating Small batch Sustainable Collections using Organic, Recycled and In-stock Luxury Performance Fabrics, we design clothes that you can both wear & love more.

Timeless Quality

At Wear Love More we design clothes that fit well and are made responsibly in contemporary styles & silhouettes with timeless prints & graphics.

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We are not about endless consumption or making you wonder why your credit card bill is so high. No monthly costs, no endless solicitation, just well made clothes.

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Active Street Wear

Are you looking for active street wear for your busy life? At Wear Love More, we understand the intersection of luxury fashion and sustainable living. With thousands of apparel items in activewear in store, we know you'll find something you love.
We use recycled luxury materials, so you can maintain an Earth-friendly active lifestyle in style. Founded on a passion for prints, movements, and positivity, our brand takes its name to heart -- we aim to design clothes that fit well, are made responsibly, and spread positivity, love, and kindness.

The fashion industry, fast fashion especially, is responsible for 10% of all CO2 emissions, twice the amount of the airline industry. As a sustainable fashion brand, we understand our responsibility to the Earth and everyone living on it. With our small-batch collections, we show love for fashion, ourselves, each other, and
the Earth.

Shop Our Activewear Store

When you shop our activewear store, you'll fall in love with our small-batch collections made from luxury recycled materials. With our print-to-order process, we only produce what we sell, eliminating excess waste products and ensuring that every item made with high-quality recycled and
recyclable materials will be used again and again. We combine durability and sustainability into our core values and actively promote our durable, sustainable sportswear as the solution to the issues caused by fast fashion brands. Our clothes are long-lasting and Earth-friendly. Check out a few of our most popular active street wear collections, like supportive and sustainable small-batch activewear for women, family match sweatshirts and family match beanies.

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Are you ready to shop in our online activewear store? Browse our luxury recycled active street wear made from recycled materials made in small batches and streetwear printed to order. Shop now for activewear in a range of colors, prints, and styles from our top collections! Check out our exclusive swimwear as well.

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