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If you're looking to purchase a new two-piece activewear set for your next workout at the gym, jog at the park, or day at the beach or pool, we have the range of styles and prints you want! At Wear Love More, we believe in our company name, and we prove it in every piece we produce. All of our clothing is made in small batches, which means only 10-25 pieces are made in each size and style and nothing goes to waste. Unlike fast fashion, our collection stays out of the landfill and in your closet longer because we use durable, sustainable, recycled, and recyclable luxury fabrics. Shop our Earth-friendly collection today and choose your two-piece activewear set!

Do you need a new set of two-piece activewear for your next workout?

Why Order Our Two-Piece Activewear

When you order your favorite set from our two-piece activewear collection, you know you're buying sustainable, recyclable, and durable pieces that will last year after year, workout after workout. Take a look at a few of our favorite pieces of two-piece activewear:

  • Ultra High Rise Recycled Luxe 5" Short in Nude Leopard: Our ultra-high-rise activewear shorts are cut wider through the hip and thigh to not distort print and to leave no see-through areas. A secure fit at the waist and great for curvy gals!
  • High Rise Recycled Core Compression Tri-Pocket 9" Short in Matte Black: The flatlock contouring seams in our high-rise compression shorts create smooth lines and help prevent chafing. A smooth, flat, wide extra-high waistband on the fold means no rollover.
  • High Rise Lightweight 3/4 Legging in Red Velvet Floral: With a black interior to prevent see-through areas, our high-rise leggings contain moisture-wicking technology that helps keep your skin dry.
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Are you ready to shop our two-piece activewear collection? Check out a range of styles and prints in leggings, shorts, and bras. Shop our luxury recycled activewear fashion line today for the latest looks! Contact us if you have any questions about our products.

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