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What's different about our high-end fashion workout clothes? At Wear Love More, the difference is right in our name -- love! Not just love for fashion, but love for the Earth too. Other high-end workout clothing brands often use the low-quality, fast-fashion, landfill-ready fabrics that are piling up at the dump and in the ocean. But our fabrics are recycled luxury materials, meaning that not only are they produced sustainably, but they also last much longer than other brands. Fast-fashion competitor items barely make it through one photo shoot before ending up in the trash, but our high-end fashion workout clothes stay comfortable throughout every workout, year after year.

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Other high-end workout clothing brands just don't measure up to our high-end fashion workout clothes. We keep sustainability, affordability, and durability top of mind when we design and produce our high-end workout clothing line. Check out a few of our recycled luxury styles:


  • Ultra High Rise Recycled Luxe 7/8 Legging in Red Velvet Leopard: Our high-end high-rise leggings boast a smooth, flat, wide extra-high waistband on the fold, preventing rollover. Best for yoga, Pilates, Barre, and studio classes.
  • Mini Leggings in Red Velvet Leopard: Move over, Mama! Our Mini leggings are the perfect match to our Red Velvet Leopard Women's leggings. Match your Mini in these cute and ridiculously soft leggings! Perfect for active kiddos that want to match their mama, aunt, or older sibling!
  • Tiger Mask Unisex Muscle Shirt: We designed this cool Tiger Mask graphic in hopes that it might be a conversation starter on Zoom calls or a light-hearted laugh from a cashier at a weekly grocery run, acknowledging that we are all in this together and the simple things we can do to keep others safe, like mask-wearing, should be commonplace and not a cause for contention.
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Ready to shop our high-end fashion workout clothes collection? Other high-end workout clothing brands can't compete with our recycled, luxury high-end activewear fashion. Shop our online store today for the latest in high-end fashion sportswear today. If you have any questions, please use our contact form.

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