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A matching or mix-and-match leggings and sports bra collection is an important component of the closet for women of every fitness level. Whether you run daily, take a yoga class a few times a week, or just love looking fashionable on your walk through the park, Wear Love More has the style, comfort, and sustainability you are looking for. Our leggings and sports bra sets are made in small batches from luxury recycled materials. Experience the comfort and convenience of our luxury leggings and matching sports bras. 

Looking for luxury leggings and sports bra matching or mix-and-match sets?

Why Luxury Leggings and Sports Bra Sets?

When you purchase our luxury leggings and sports bra sets, you can mix and match your styles and prints to your heart's desire. The long-lasting recycled luxury materials mean that our products last, workout after workout. Choose from several of our high-end leggings and sports bra collections, such as:

  • Brigitte Recycled Luxe Longline Bra in Sugar Pink Floral: With a square neckline with wide straps & V-back, this medium-impact sports bra is fully lined for ultimate comfort and protection.
  • Brigitte Recycled Luxe Longline Bra in Red Velvet Leopard: This medium-impact sports bra is fully lined with removable thin pad cup inserts, and its 2" elastic waist keeps your bra secure.
  • Sophia Recycled Luxe Longline Bra in Emerald Leopard: This bra's stretch allows for freedom of movement while providing superior shape retention, and its flatlock contouring seams create smooth lines.
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Buy Leggings and Bras

Don't hesitate to purchase your comfortable, stylish, and sustainable leggings and bra set from our online store! Since everything is made in small batches, only 10-25 pieces are ever made in any size and style. Shop now while our top sellers are still in stock!

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