Wear Love More started out as one graphic.  A hand drawn heart reading “Love More”.  It was my most popular amongst friends and changed the trajectory of my brand.  In it I found a way to express myself and my values.  I aimed to create positive messaging in timeless graphics and embroideries,  on quality and sustainable fabrics that held up wash after wash, pieces you could truly wear and love more.  

Designer Story

Initially, after 15 years working as a Fashion Designer in NYC, I started my own brand to allow myself more time to do what I love and be present with my family.  I quickly realized that I could address more issues that I had with the fashion industry (than the impossible to mother hours) through building my own brand and community.

I wanted to start a business that was more than a business, that started at a community level and gave back.  That invested in good practices and in programs that prompted sustainability and positive impact.  To design luxe and eco-friendly goods with factories that meet global benchmark standards.  To create small batch and on-demand items that would reduce the waste in over-production.

I wanted to create top-of-the line activewear in prints that sparked joy in recycled fabrications and bras that actually fit & support larger bust properly.  I wanted to avoid waste by using analytics and mockups and even voting on what the next print collection would be with my community.  Because choosing what you choose to invest in is important, and there are so many ways now that we can aid ourselves in making less wasteful choices while not sacrificing our personal style.

-Brianna Baker, CEO & Design Director

Small Batch Activewear & Recycled PET

Our first collection of Small Batch Activewear launched in March 2022 locally in New Jersey. Our Small Batch Collections are made predominantly of Recycled Polyester.

Recycled polyester is produced by recycling existing materials (like plastic bottles and packaging) but still has all the characteristics and performance as a regular polyester, making it a more sustainable fabric alternative.   


Sustainability & On-Demand Streetwear

Our Graphic & Embroidered Streetwear Styles for the whole family are done on demand. This means that a product is only made when it is ordered.  This alone creates up to 80% less waste than the normal fashion cycle.  Print-to-order Streetwear is printed on premium quality Organic Cotton staple pieces like Hoodies and Tee Shirts that we have sourced from worldwide Fair Trade and GOTS certified suppliers.

We launched this collection in Fall of 2021 and continue to add family friendly graphics and timeless items.